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Ripple Gateway

Trade digital metals and real world commodity stocks



eMetals - Ripple Gateway

eMetals platform is an alternative way to invest in and trade physical metals. It aims to provide the investment performance of the standard metal markets with the transparency of an exchange-traded security. 

As a precious metal refinery we see big potential in Ripple Consensus Ledger and the conversion of rights to metals into digital tokens (IOU) on Ripple Network. We decided to offer investors an alternative way to invest in and trade physical metals by providing the performance of the  AURUM  (‘AURUM’ is an electronic clearing system operated by the LPMCL.) with the transparency of an exchange-traded asset. 

Our issuance XAU is already traded on Gatehub Ripple Gateway. For more info, pleae visit

As equity markets are closed more hours on the day than they are open user are able to trade shares of popular commodity companies on eMetals platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

eMetals IOUs represent real-world commodity stocks . The actual stocks are deposited in a segregated account in order to hold customers' funds separated from the funds of eMetals in the interests of the customers' security. 

Large corporates and banks have partnered with Ripple to become a part of this mission to revolutionize the global payment system are: 






eMetals’s blockchain technology enables the transformation of physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium into a fluid and modern digital asset. eMetals provides the flexibility to buy and sell gold instantly, securely and globally.



What is XAU, XAG, XPT, XPD?

XAU is fine gold on Ripple Consensus Ledger. It is a digital representation of fine gold secured in the BPG‘s or Malca Amit‘s vault. 

XAG / XPT / XPD is fine silver / platinum / palladium on Ripple Consensus Ledger. It is a digital representation of fine silver / platinum / palladium secured in the Istanbul Gold Exchange vault. 

Ripple transforms physical metals into a modern digital asset by adding the accessibility, speed, security, transparency and trust.


What costs are associated with XAU, XAG, XPT, XPD?

 Unlike with traditional precious metal investment eMetals has no storage or management fees to erode the value of precious metals


How does XAU, XAG, XPT, XPD get on the Ripple Consensus Ledger?

eMetals Gateway is responsible for adding the digital representation of the gold, silver, platinum and palladium to the RCL.

Where is the Vault located? 


The BPG‘s vault is a purpose built precious metal storage facility, built by BPG. The vault has a security degree IX by VdS.

Are the metals audited?


The precious metals are reconciled daily by BPG and externally audited every three months.

Is eMetals KYC / AML compliant

Yes – we take our regulatory obligations very seriously. Furthermore all gateways in the RCL have evidenced themselves adequately in accordance with applicable law for the purposes of Anti Money Laundering/Know Your Client (KYC) 

Is RCL secure 

By storing ledger that are identical across its network, the RCL cannot be controlled by any single entity and has no single point of failure.

Is RCL transparent

A publicly viewable RCL means anyone may check that the total amount of digital metals issued is in line with the audited precious metal vault holdings